• Why do more and more people like folding container house?


    Many people now prefer to use folding container houses, because they are very easy to move in the process of use, and his cost is not very high, so for many young people who are just starting out, if ...

  • Singapore shipping


    On Saturday, May 23, 2020, Singapore goods were packaged and shipped. The customer purchased two shipping cabinet boxes and used the workers' dormitories.What we recommend to our customers is assembli...

  • The advantages of container houses in the field of mobile container office


    1.The container house can be moved quickly at any time. Only one forklift can be used for overall movement at close range, and only one forklift and flatbed trailer can be used for overall movement at...

  • How to protect during the epidemic?


    At present, the number of confirmed cases in the global epidemic has exceeded 4000 thousand . According to reports, the number of confirmed cases will continue to increase. So during the epidemic, how...

  • Precautions for the use of prefab house


    It is strictly forbidden to use open flame in the prefab house. The aisle stairs of double-layer or three-layer movable prefab houseare fire-fighting passages. The anti-theft performance of the movabl...

  • Container house development


    Many developed countries have changed the process quality and quantity of container mobile homes. The development scale and industry concentration have reached a high level. Many are used for leasing ...

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