• Precautions for the use of prefab house


    It is strictly forbidden to use open flame in the prefab house. The aisle stairs of double-layer or three-layer movable prefab houseare fire-fighting passages. The anti-theft performance of the movabl...

  • Container house development


    Many developed countries have changed the process quality and quantity of container mobile homes. The development scale and industry concentration have reached a high level. Many are used for leasing ...

  • The advantages of container house


    Due to the advantages of simple construction, convenient disassembly and fast transportation, the occupant container has now become a temporary residence. Containers can be seen in engineering project...

  • Suzhou Zhongnan held a team building


    On April 26, 2020, the sun was shining brightly, and all employees of Suzhou Zhongnan held a team building activity in Suzhou Wujiang Zhenze Park. Everyone laughed and laughed along the way, the atmos...

  • The special characteristics of assembled container mobile houses


    What are the special characteristics of assembled container mobile houses? 1. Integral hoisting series of container houses, rock wool, glass wool, EPS sandwich panel can be used for the wall surface. ...

  • How is the container house produced


    Container house has the advantages of being able to be disassembled, moved and constructed at a high speed. To a certain extent, the house has achieved a huge leap in form from "real estate" to "movab...

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