How is the container house produced

Update:22 04, 2020
Abst:Container house has the advantages of being able to be disassembled, moved and c...

Container house has the advantages of being able to be disassembled, moved and constructed at a high speed. To a certain extent, the house has achieved a huge leap in form from "real estate" to "movable property". Nowadays, container houses are used in more and more fields, and container houses are becoming more and more popular. And today's container house is no longer a "construction site" in people's conception, but a building with both design and practicality. So, how is the container house produced?

The first step is the customer's needs, and design a personalized plan strictly according to the customer's needs.

The second step, drawing design is a very important link, and it is the first step to implement the customer needs obtained by analysis. Suzhou Zhongnan has a professional design team that can perfectly present the customer's needs with drawings, and the workers use experienced skills to build the house and reject the waste of materials.

The third step is to integrate the production of houses. Depending on the situation of the manufacturer, some are directly produced by themselves, and some are purchased from suppliers for reprocessing. Suzhou Zhongnan Container House manufacturers purchase raw materials and then process them. The factory has a large production line and fast delivery.

The fourth step is to integrate the assembly of the house. Some are assembled directly at the factory, and some are transported to the destination after the production of the integrated house is completed, and must be installed in accordance with strict standards at the construction site. No matter where it is, the installation site must be instructed by technical personnel and equipped with technical supervision personnel. After the assembly is completed, a strict acceptance test is also required.

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