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Modular container house is a kind of prefabricated buil […]

Modular container house is a kind of prefabricated building. The characteristic of this kind of building is that the construction speed is fast, the weather conditions are reduced and the cost saving helps to improve the construction quality. Let us take a look at the advantages of prefabricated buildings:

  1. A large number of construction parts are produced and processed by the workshop. The main types of components are WPC exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, air conditioning panels, stairs, projecting beams, projecting columns, etc.
  2. A large number of assembly operations on site.
  3. The standardization of design and the informationization of management. The more standard the components, the higher the production efficiency, and the corresponding component costs will drop. With the digital management of the factory, the cost-effectiveness of the entire prefabricated building will become higher and higher.
  4. Meet the requirements of green buildings.
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