Advantages of light steel structure houses


The performance of the light steel structure is much hi […]

The performance of the light steel structure is much higher than that of the traditional brick-concrete residence. The traditional house has been criticized for a long time because it does not have earthquake resistance and low comfort.

1. The light steel house is very safe. It can be protected against typhoon level 12, and the roof can bear 1.5 meters of snow. This is because the steel keel is light and strong, is a high-quality building material, and has good ductility and toughness.

2. The construction speed of the light steel house is very fast. The construction period of a 200㎡ house is within one month. This is because the parts of the light steel house are produced in the factory, and they can be completed by the workers directly after being transported to the site, so it takes a short time.

3. The production of light steel houses is highly industrialized and mechanized, with a high degree of commercialization. The main materials required for building a house are all produced in the factory, and the raw materials are processed by mechanical equipment, which has high efficiency, low cost, and good quality. Most of these equipment have imported advanced foreign technology, and many new housing products of large enterprises have international quality.

4. 80% of the materials of light steel houses can be recycled. From the main material point of view, the steel will not grow insects or become decayed wood with the passage of time. It can be recycled and reused after several years of disassembly, which is very environmentally friendly and very economical.

5. The service life of the main structure of the light steel house is 90 years, which is 3 times that of the traditional house. Our traditional house has become a dilapidated building in 30 years, and the light steel house has good durability and is very cost-effective.

Light steel houses are mobile. If they are demolished, the light steel houses can be split into many parts and transported to a new location and reinstalled. Because these parts are connected together by screws and connectors, installation and disassembly are very simple.

6. Light steel houses have beautiful and diverse shapes. Various styles of houses are carefully designed by designers, and there are many styles to choose from.

7. The light steel house is very adaptable, whether it is in a cold place or a hot place, it is very suitable, but the structure of the building is different. The comprehensive cost performance of the house is as good as the traditional frame structure.

Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd combine these advantage in offering light steel structure container for prefab house and container house. Tiny container house, 20 ft container house is their main container type.

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